Alaska Rescue

Alaska Rescue: 29 Wolves, 8 Volunteers, 5 Vets –72 hours!

This letter will brief you on the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center’s (LARC) largest project ever: to rescue, transport, and re-home more than 30 majestic wolves/wolfdogs currently being held in the state of Alaska. The State’s Special Prosecutor contacted LARC and asked us to take these animals, all of whom have been part of an abusive ‘roadside attraction’ and spent their entire lives on 8-foot chains. Check out the VIDEO.

“LARC will provide permanent sanctuary to these wolves and wolfdogs, as we do to our current residents. Some of these animals, only those who choose to do so, will also participate in our Warriors and Wolves program which pairs veterans and wolves/wolfdogs in an eco-therapeutic partnership which has healing benefits for both species.

The project begins with the sedating, treating, and then transporting these animals from outside Anchorage. We will have several veterinarians with us for the recovery and relocation, along with veterinary technicians, and have arranged use of space in a veterinary center close to where the animals are now. We have enlisted the help of the local veterinarians so all animals can be properly treated before transport to their new homes. Local agents assure us that all of the wolves/wolfdogs will need immediate medical attention, and of course, all of the unaltered animals will be spayed or neutered. We will also bring them current on all vaccinations and provide any other medical care       needed, such as closing their many lacerations caused by poor living facilities and abuse.

Bringing them to the sanctuary is just the beginning. Here at LARC, we will provide a life for them full of enrichment. Our staff will interact with them and they will live in large enclosures with other wolfdogs, giving them the social interaction they need for a healthy life. At LARC, they will be given a raw meat diet from our landfill diversion/recycling program: no animal suffers to feed these majestic carnivores. Those wolfdogs that choose to do so, will be part of our educational program and work with disabled veterans who find great fulfillment in our Warriors and Wolves program. In brief, this program provides a unique opportunity for both the wolves/wolfdogs and our combat heroes to engage in mutually beneficial restorative therapy. The Warriors and Wolves program directly impacts the animals rescued and helps raise the level of awareness surrounding these misunderstood animals.

Wolves/Wolfdogs who have spent their lives staked in a yard with chains around their necks lack social skills, and healthy canines are highly social. These rescued animals will be initially fearful of humans and very awkward around one another. This is why it is so crucial that they come to a sanctuary, are slowly exposed to socially adept animals, and are gradually integrated into a wolfdog community as they learn the necessary skills not just from humans, but from other wolfdogs. These animals are fully ‘imprinted,’ and would not survive in the wild, but even if release was an option, the present cultural climate regarding wolves and wolfdogs would expose them to the latest legislation which allows for on-sight killing of these animals in areas where they have been previously protected. Besides, these animals have experienced a great deal of (negative) human interaction and are not authorized for release through any government-approved program.

Thank you for your interest in the work of Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. We envision building a better sanctuary and saving more animals through our collaborative approach. Both the animals and the community will feel the success of this project.”