Dancing Brooke Lodge Rescue

Wolves and Wolfdogs Saved from a Dire Fate!

NEWARC rescued 26 wolves and wolfdogs from a remote Mountain Top in New Hampshire. The wolves and wolfdogs trapped on this mountain in small enclosures without a source of fresh water were in real trouble. None of the animals looked to be in great shape, they were fed low quality kibble, and we are still unsure how often they were given “clean” water. The only access to the tent site with enclosures was to travel up a wash littered with huge boulders and rocks. This rescue need a partner and UVHS stepped in to help NEWARC.

NEWARC worked with the local shelter to transport the animals down a mile long wash to the bottom of a mountain. Once the wolves and wolfdogs got off the mountain the difficult task began. The wolves and wolfdogs were then transported to NEWARC. Some NEWARC staff constructed a medical wing while other staff tended to the arriving wolves and wolfdogs: blood was drawn, medical evaluations performed, spay/neuters as needed, vaccinations given, and behavior monitored. The incoming animals had urinary tract infections, lacerations, swollen and/or ruptured testicals, cancer growths on their bodies, and were severely underweight. After triaging the sick, finishing small alterations on the medical wing, it was time to release animals that had been cleared to their new enclosures at NEWARC.