Loki Clan Rescue

Loki Clan Rescue and Rebuilding

Loki Clan was in a tough situation when NEWARC came out to evaluate it. Disgruntled old supporters and board members had made things very difficult.  Food supplies and donations had been cut off, financial records were missing, staff was overworked, enclosures were in need of repair, and the animals needed to be cared for in the upcoming winter months.

NEWARC looked at the situation and knew shutting the facility down would put a terrible strain on the national wolf and wolfdog rescue groups, undue strain on the older animals, and almost certainly result in loss of life, so this was not a solution.

After consulting with some of the national groups called in to assist LOKI, NEWARC took an almost unheard of approach to the solution and decided to save the sanctuary and continue to house the wolves and wolfdogs at the newly renamed NEWARC sanctuary.