Current Project: Honda 928 Snow Blower

The heaviest snowfall in over two decades has created a new “wrinkle” in New Hampshire at NEWARC this year and the manual snow removal from inside the 30 acres of wolf habitats needs some mechanical assistance. Due to the continued snowfall and subzero temperatures the accumulation of snow at NEWARC has been more than expected this year and we are asking for a supporter to assistant NEWARC in the purchase of a Honda 928 snow blower.

NEWARC’s staff will lift the snowplow, with an onsite piece of heavy equipment, and lower it into the enclosure with the most snow accumulation and begin to remove the snow from the fence lines inside the habitats. With three passes we will be able to remove 9ft of snow from the fence line. The total cost for the snowplow is $2,900.00 and every donation counts. Thanks so much for your help this winter and please click the Doante button to support this immediate need.

If you would like to make an online donation right now you can do that by clicking this ONLINE DONATION link, we’ll put it to good use!

Wolf Sponsorship

Help a wolf dog! By choosing one of the wolf dogs below you are immensely helping us to provide things we normally have a hard time doing for all the wolves… or sometimes not at all. And you get the gratification that while maybe you’ll never have the opportunity of meeting the wolf dog in person – you are, indeed, helping one of nature’s most majestic and essential creatures.

All you have to do is browse the list below and select the wolf dog that you’d like to help out. Next, type their name in the text box and click Subscribe and the proceeding pages will prompt for your response.

Wolf Sponsorship

Alex Mariah
Ateme Midnight
Chaka Moon
Cheyenne Phoenix
Cochese Spruce
Creek Takoda
Dukon Tala