Happy Valentines Day

The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) wants to wish all of our supporters a Happy Valentine’s Day this February. Samson (photo below) poses for a silly Valentine’s Day photo from outside his natural living habitat at LARC.

Valentine’s Day normally means giving a gift to your loved one and at LARC your loved ones (the wolves and wolfdogs) would love some extra wolf treats this year. Your choice (you can send it or we will buy it – either way).

For $10 – buy a box of doggie treats – good for the dog in all wolves

For $20 – buy a “Kong” we can re-fill with treats daily.

For $50 – buy a month’s supply of Mazzuri food supplement which has all the goodies the animals need when mixed in with their raw meat they get each day.

Alaska Rescue - Sheba

Sheba, one of our Alaska rescues loves the cold February nights at LARC, it gives her a chance to lie side by side with Danny Boy in their den. Sheba also enjoys her view of the mountains from the west side of her natural habitat at the LARC facility. Sheba enjoys the attention given to her by her caregivers and is always looking for a belly rub or a good scratch under her chin.

LARC’s new love… a boy named Nikki

Nikki came to LARC via an owner surrender after two failed adoption attempts. Nikki’s human companions came to the realization that Nikki was not going to make the transition to a new home and to use their words “Thank goodness for LARC.”


Here at LARC, Nikki will be afforded the opportunity to make new wolf and wolfdog fiends, create a pack, and eventually move as a pack into one of the large living habitats on the property. Here Nikki can choose both animal and human companionship and be given the freedom to choose relationships that best fit his wolfdog needs.

Help with Nikki's New Enclosure!

Nikki seen below in a LARC 'socialization enclosure' is getting acclimated to all the new sounds and all the new animals at LARC. Like all of the animals at LARC, he will need your support moving forward and here are some of the items we want to construct in his pack’s new outdoor enclosure: an underground bunker, water bathing troughs, a new two- level feed station, three wooden wolf houses, and a small catch-up area. If you would like to help with any of the projects listed above please click on the link below.

Sponsor a Wolf at LARC!

Vader's a Valentines’ Day Kiss

Vader receives a Valentines’ Day kiss from Dr. Lindner at LARC. Ever since she was a young girl Dr. Lindner wanted to rescue horses and offer them lives full of love and attention. Vader is somewhat of a food hog but after he eats his is turned out to be with the rest of his herd at LARC. Vader and the rest of the horses enjoy 3 meals a day, lots of attention from the staff, and hot mash on cold mornings at LARC.



Keith, Cochise and Spruce play Snow Wrestling

It takes one tough Veteran to brave the New England winter and sign on to help care for the wolves at NEWARC. Well it is time to meet Keith C.! Even after all the stories of the cold, the rain, and the snow Keith couldn’t wait to get out to NEWARC to work with the wolves. Keith, a veteran and an outdoorsman was so excited to meet the wolves and wolfdogs of NEWARC.

Keith and Cochise have formed a strong bond and you can see Spruce (on the left) trying to get in on the action. Keith with the help of Matthew W. built a new habitat at NEWARC and helped with winter preparations at the sanctuary. Keith and all the animals at NEWARC want to thank you for your support throughout the year and look forward to the spring thaw and a chance to have some volunteers come help at the site.

Wolf Kisses - Hopi and Alex!

NEWARC supporters meet Hopi (almost never seen before) Hopi was left in an enclosure as a young wolfdog on the back of the property. There she spent most of her time hiding from a dominant male and dodging human contact. Since moving her to one of the new enclosures built by our supporters Hopi has found a new love (Alex –photo below). Wolf Kisses and play time have ensued.

Sponsor a Wolf at NEWARC


Fruits of our Labor (Sammy)

It is with a heavy heart that we say “goodbye” to Sammy. Sammy was the inspiration to rescue parrots, wolves, AND horses and brought both Lorin and Matthew together on their quest to speak for those without a voice.

In 1987 Dr. Lindner received a phone call that a parrot was being left in the front room of a house because she matched the living room décor and the “owner” had his driver dropping off food every couple of days. Dr. Lindner said she would foster Sammy and find a good home for her…and a friendship was born. While trying to find a good home for Sammy Dr. Lindner learned that re-homing is cockatoo was a difficult a task and a challenging undertaking.

Many parrots live for up to 80 years, they need constant interaction, huge outdoor spaces to fly, parrot companionship, and dedicated human caregivers. As Dr. Lindner went further and further down the list of needs for Sammy she decided, with the help of a good friend, to create Earth Angel Parrot Sanctuary in Ojai, CA. Dr. Lindner and Jeanne White started to take in other parrots at Earth Angel and create flocks allowing the parrots to form close bonds with other parrots and fly in large outdoor aviaries.

While Clinical Director of New Directions, an in-patient drug and alcohol program for homeless Veterans, Sammy and her partner Mango got a chance to meet many of the Veterans enrolled in the program and the Veterans in the program got to experience the unconditional love offered by Sammy and Mango. As a clinician Dr. Linder noticed that the tough, standoffish Veterans acted differently when Sammy and Mango attended groups. The once stoic combat Veterans had a change of heart and the animals in attendance (Sammy and Mango) changed the emotions of the group.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Lindner started taking the Veterans to Earth Angel Sanctuary to work with the Parrots and the Feathered Friend program was born. In 2005 the Sanctuary was moved the West LA VA Hospital and Serenity Park and outdoor eco-friendly place of Veteran employment and healing was born. It was here by chance that Dr. Lindner and Matthew Simmons would meet for the first time.

I remember it like it was yesterday” recalls Matthew Simmons. I came to Serenity Park and as I turned the corner “I saw Dr. Lindner in a beautiful pants suit with galoshes on power washing one of the aviaries.” And I immediately went to help out. Dr. Lindner was filling in for a veteran staff person who was in the midst of P.T.S.D. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) episode and couldn’t get out of bed so I grabbed a broom and started to help clean up the aviaries and feed the parrots. Shortly thereafter I, Matthew Simmons became a dedicated volunteer and helped to expand Serenity Park by building new outdoor aviaries and helping other Veterans enrolled in the program.

In 2009 Dr. Lindner and Matthew Simmons were married at Serenity Park and Sammy was our flower girl not only had she brought us together but we now had rescued over 40 parrots and had 5 graduates to this cutting edge animal therapy program on the grounds of the VA. Around that same time Lorin and Matthew started to look for a new home together and they chose a ranch in Frazier Park because it had an outdoor aviary for Sammy and a barn for the horses Lorin had always dreamed of recuing and sharing her home with.

At the second day of the wedding at the new home now known as LARC a friend of our brought a few wolves to meet our guests little did we know that in just a few short years we would be one of the largest wolf and wolfdog rescues around.


Sammy taught both Matthew and Lorin how to love, how to provide the best possible life to our companions, how to create a place of helaing, and how to share it all with the world. Sammy will be missed and the pain of this loss will be with Lorin, Matthew, and all the staff for a long time. We have decided to have a celebration of Sammy’s life and gifts on Memorial Day at our Veterans Day Celebration at Serenity Park on May 25th of this year.


Serenity Park Welcomes George, Guy and Jim

George and Guy two new arrivals to Serenity Park pose for a picture in the midst of their grooming ritual. Guy and George are on the cockatoo side of Serenity Park but near enough to the kitchen that they get a birds eye view of the food trays. They have taken to their new home and have found companionship at Serenity Park. Like Felix and Oscar from the odd couple these two love to tease each other but they are the closest of friends.

Sponsor a Serenity Park Parrot!

Jim M. is the new facility manager at Serenity Park. Big things come in little packages as evident by the bond between Jim and Cashew. Cashew is one of the smallest parrots at Serenity Park but she also has the biggest heart of them all. Cashew and Jim were recently interviewed by the LA Times and we will let you know when the interview and images get printed.

Upcoming Events

Jim M. is the new facility manager at Serenity Park. Big things come in little packages as evident by the bond between Jim and Cashew. Cashew is one of the smallest parrots at Serenity Park but she also has the biggest heart of them all. Cashew and Jim were recently interviewed by the LA Times and we will let you know when the interview


With Valentine’s Day around the corner we would like all of our supporters in LA to call Karen Doan (818) 591-9236 at Doan’s Bakery for some of the best cupcakes, cakes, and cookies imaginable for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Doan’s is also a proud supporter of our Veterans and will be providing sweets to the Veterans at Serenity Park for our upcoming Memorial Day Veteran Celebration.

Doan’s Bakery
22526 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills CA 91364

Veteran Job Offerings

LARC is looking for an animal caregiver is 2015 to help with the wolves and horses at our facility in Ventura California. NEWARC will have a similar position opening up in May of 2015. Serenity Park is looking for a parrot caregiver in 2015. More detail on these positions is available just email and we will start the process.

Shout Out

To Jason & Brittney for an amazing wedding all the animals and staff want to wish you all the best in the years to come. We also want to “Thank You” for all the volunteer hours you put in helping both the Veterans and the animals at our program. You both opened 2015 with an amazing wedding and we cannot thank you enough for sharing this special day with us. And we want to say “Aloha” to Jason (Richards’s twin brother) both for his service to our country and the wolves of LARC.

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