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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

NEWARC Wolf of the Month: Mariah

Mariah (right) lives with two Native American Indian Dogs at NEWARC. Mariah has very recent wolf history and is either a high content wolfdog or a wolf.

Like many black phase wolves/wolfdogs she enjoys fish and chicken at feeding time.

Mariah is shy when the caregivers enter the enclosure but with a fence between her and the staff she chooses to greet them at the door.

Mariah is looking for a sponsor in 2014

LARC Wolf of the Month: DannyBoy 

Danny Boy (left) is a high content wolfdog although he physically appears to be mostly a wolf his DNA testing says differently.

Danny Boy loves the water is his bathing pool at LARC and no matter the temperature he will play in the water with his partner Willow. Danny Boy is very curious and he can be seen laying on top of his wolf house watching the crows or staring off into the distance to catch a glimpse of an approaching hawk.

Danny Boy loved the most recent snowfall in California and spent the entire day burrowing in the snow and mud.

Danny Boy needs a sponsor in 2014.

LARC Veteran of the Month

Matthew Simmons, Co-founder of LARC & NEWARC has been an asset to both organizations during 2013 & 2014.

Matthew assisted in the rescue of over 80 wolves and wolfdogs in New Hampshire, worked with Ventura County to be awarded a CUP in Ventura County, and has helped to raise funds to support both non-profits.

Matthew is also a spokesperson for Veteran Initiatives and has helped to bring awareness to the plight of returning Veterans suffering from P.T.S.D.

NEWARC Veteran of the Month 

Tanner Brewer is foreman of the NEWARC site, managing staff, coordinating animal food pick-ups, running Veterans to town for supplies, and fighting one of the coldest winters in two decades.

Tanner not only handles the big stuff but manages to put a smile on the face of the people he meets along the way.

If NEWARC could award medals Tanner would have a chest full!

All of the animals at staff at NEWARC agree that Tanner has beneficially impacted their lives and made this rescue and rebuilding in New Hampshire a success.

LARC'S March Project: Fencing Materials Purchase

LARC wants to thank all of the supporters who purchased fencing for the perimeter fence - we are very close to our goal of 17,000 feet of fence line!

All donors have their names or selected slogans on a plaque on the fence. The photo above captures Dr. Lindner enjoying a sunny afternoon with one of the rescued wolfdogs from Alaska as the staff marks the perimeter with an engineer. LARC needs to install an 8ft perimeter fence around the entire facility before we can accept new animals at the sanctuary therefore your help is needed to complete this project. Please help now…

NEWARC'S March Project: Snowblowing

Matthew W. seen above is removing snow from inside the enclosures at NEWARC. The snow needs to be plowed 6ft back from the fence line to ensure that the wolves and wolfdogs stay in their habitat and so that the staff can maneuver around the enclosures. What was once a shovel job now requires a snow blower and we thank all of our supporters who donated towards this purchase.

With your help we are overcoming one of the worst winters in over twenty years. Click the link below to donate towards the snow removal project at NEWARC

Hay Bales Bedding Project

The wolves and wolfdogs at LARC & NEWARC always need hay bales for their wolf houses. The hay also makes a great enrichment for our residents as they pull it out and spread it in their habitats. Hay bales are $15.00 each. Click on the link below to make a donation.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish American holiday, has many ancient stories surrounding it. One of which, is the story of the Leprechaun and the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow. With the help of our readers both NEWARC and LARC hope to find a little of the Leprechaun’s gold to help with March Projects at both sanctuaries this year.

Slaughter of Wolves - Idaho Fish and Game Kills 23 wolves in Lolo Pass Area

Idaho wildlife officials have killed 23 wolves in northern Idaho in an effort to boost the number of elk in the region. The Idaho Fish and Game announced Friday afternoon that the animals were killed by USDA Wildlife Service agents using a helicopter in the Lolo elk zone near the Montana border…. READ MORE

Serenity Park Update

Serenity Park Sanctuary gets a visit from Rhea & Maddy, (below) both longtime supporters of the parrot sanctuary. The sanctuary is getting prepared for its annual Memorial Day Picnic Celebration in honor of the Veterans and is planning to serve lunch to 500 Veterans on Memorial Day. If you want to volunteer contact the staff at bird@parrotcare.org

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