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LARC Wolf of the Month: Harmony

Harmony, rescued from an 8 foot chain in Alaska where she was part of a roadside attraction, is one of the gentlest souls at LARC. As if that trauma wasn’t enough for Harmony when the state sent in a team to catalog and microchip the wolves she was accidentally shot in the eye with a tranquilizer dart. Unlike most of the animals, when the state approached with the dart gun she turned to them and smiled instead of running away and she was shot in the eye with the dart.

Harmony requires special eye meds and treatment whenever the winds pick up at LARC and she could really use a sponsor in 2014. Help Harmony with $50.00 monthly sponsorship.

Or even $25.00 for extra aqua tears to help her out on those windy days!

Pictured with Harmony is long-time wildlife advocate and environmental activist, Marnie Gaede, who through her association with the Fund for Wild Nature, Sea Shepherd and Grizzly People, has helped protect numerous species and their habitats.

LARC’s Caregiver of the Month: Jeffrey

Jeffrey has come a long way since he first arrived at LARC. Jeffrey was part of the of the fence construction crew in 2011 just an extra set of hands to clip on fence clips and tie down corners….and now he is one of the best animal handlers at LARC. Jeffrey has a special bond with Willow (below) and is always ready to fortify an enclosure, move a wolfie dog house, or feed the pack.

NEWARC Wolf of the Month: Chaka

Chaka seen here relaxing in snow (below) at NEWARC loves to play with the staff when they come into the enclosure. Chaka will punch the snow with his paws for attention. Chaka uses his paws to push his partner out of the way to get closer to the caregivers. Chaka also is very expressive with facial expressions and can be seen smiling and twisting his face into different expressions based on his moods.

Chaka loves bone days and tends to create a pile of them and then lay in the sunshine on top of the snow and nibble away the afternoon. Chaka’s enclosure is near the new Veteran cabin and all the construction and activity is very entertaining to him. Chaka is looking for a sponsor in 2014.

NEWARC Veteran of the Month: Matthew W. 

Matthew W. (pictured with Luci below) is the primary animal caregiver at the NEWARC sanctuary. Matthew W. manages the medication program, supervises food distribution, and always takes the extra moments of the day to take pictures for the website. When it is 10 degrees below zero (with the wind whipping at your face) taking pictures with your bare hands is dedication! Matthew with “Luci” (like the boy named Sue; Luci is a male) pose for a photo in the snow at NEWARC.

Matthew W. seems to always like to work with the “difficult” wolves or wolfdgogs and Luci is a “barrier” animal and is weary of anything new. So after months of caring for Luci, Matthew W. and Luci have created a special bond.

Volunteer of the Month

Tony with Harmony at LARC (below). Tony’s brother served our country and is currently overseas as a consultant for a military contractor and Tony is committed to helping the Veteran initiative at LARC...and also 3000 miles away at NEWARC. Standing over 6ft tall and one of our “strongest” supporters, Tony has a soft side and the wolves/wolfdgogs accept this gentle soul in spite of his stature.

Pictured on the right you see Tony installing the flooring for the “Warriors and Wolves” housing at NEWARC where he went for a working vacation. No job is too big or too small for this dedicated volunteer; after an 8hr day and caring for the wolves in freezing temperatures, Tony stepped right in and began to install the flooring in the “Warriors and Wolves” bunkhouse. His amazing attention to detail made this tedious task seem easy and within one afternoon the flooring was complete!

This is Alex howling at NEWARC. Alex was one of Tony’s favorite animals at NEWARC and he is seen here calling out after eating lunch.

Alex, was rescued from a remote site in New Hampshire and he is an extremely social wolfdog and loves to jump up to meet the staff.

Alex is looking for a sponsor in 2014 and a special benefactor to pay for his unbreakable Kong that the staff fills with his treats...and which he adores.

Warriors and Wolves Project

As we learning at LARC and Serenity Park Parrot Sanctuary, often times our returning heroes have trouble adjusting to life at home so we now have introduced this unique solution at NEWARC. Warriors and Wolves, our “back to nature ecotherapy approach,” with the wolves/wolfdogs offering our returning heroes a chance to heal outside the hospital setting while supported by other Veterans who have experienced the same trauma….much like while on active duty the support of another soldier makes the impossible seem possible. Veterans can apply for employment by emailing our staff at wolf@newarc.org or wolf@lockwoodarc.org note “Warriors and Wolves” in the subject line.

LARC'S April Project:
Fencing Materials Purchase

LARC wants to thank all of the supporters who purchased fencing for the perimeter fence - we are very close to our goal of 17,000 feet of fence line!

All donors will have their names or selected slogans on a plaque on the fence. LARC needs to install an 8ft perimeter fence around the entire facility before we can accept new animals at the sanctuary therefore your help is needed to complete this project. Please help now…

NEWARC'S March Project: More Snow Removal!

Although the calendar says spring is here NEWARC continues to get snow and needs your support in April. New snow shovels, bags of sand, and bags of salt are needed to clear snow, melt ice, and make the driveway passable for food pick-ups and supply deliveries. Click the link below to donate towards the “more snow removal project” at NEWARC in April. And a huge thank you to those supporters who bought the snow blower!

With your help we are overcoming one of the worst winters in many decades. Click the link below to donate towards the snow removal project at NEWARC.

Warrior's Housing at NEWARC

The new cabin at NEWARC is nearing completion but funds still need to be raised to finish the project. NEWARC needs to purchase drywall, insulation, paint, and a propane heater to finish up the interior of the new housing. Our “Warriors” would appreciate your support in finishing the project.

For all donations of $150.00 towards this project NEWARC offers a Long Sleeve Hoodie of your choice. After your check out please contact wolf@newarc.org via email w/ the hoodie of your choice and your hoodie size from the NEWARC online store.

NOTE from Wiley a “rescued” Wolfdog

Wiley (below) was rescued by LARC in 2008 from certain death at a shelter. When our staff arrived Wiley was strapped to a table in the back of the shelter, his front legs speckled with blood, his body covered in urine and feces, muzzled, and shaking as we entered the back of the building. The staff at the shelter insisted that Wiley wasn’t there but we had been told by a “friend” that he was there so we kept looking only to find him in the rear of the building being prepared for euthanasia.

LARC immediately removed Wiley from his restraints, transported him to the front of the shelter, turned in his registration card at the counter, and then paid the “adoption” fee. Wiley has been a spokesperson for Wolfdogs ever since his rescue.

Wolves in the NEWS

As wolf supporters the fight to protect the North American gray wolf is long from over. Top predators are always challenged as long as they compete with hunters and ranchers. We must find a way for all of us top predators to share this planet – or what will be left of it for future generations?

Please watch the video below “How Wolves Change Rivers” – critical!

Feeding Carnivores WITHOUT buying MEAT

LARC set about securing a permanent solution to feeding our wolves and wolfdogs which required buying a refrigerator/freezer combo walk-in unit. LARC applied to a Landfill Diversion Program (LDP) operated with various grocery stores and asked for the support of Ady Gil for this refrigerator/freezer purchase.

The Landfill Diversion Program removes the meat from circulation at each store by the “sell-by-date” which LARC then picks up and stores in this freezer. In addition, if there are any temperature fluctuations at any one of the stores the meat is marked as “not sellable” and LARC gets notified to pick up this meat as well. The Landfill Diversion Program provides over 10,000-20,000 pounds of usable meat a week to LARC. Meat that would otherwise go to a landfill; therefore, LARC unlike most sanctuaries with carnivores, does NOT purchase meat and more importantly is NOT part of the Supply and Demand equation that justifies animal abuse in feedlots and slaughterhouses.

With the help of Ady Gil, LARC has found a way to feed carnivores and protect the environment in one fell swoop.

Since being enrolled in this program, LARC has provided meat not only to the carnivores at LARC but also to many other non-profit sanctuaries in California. LARC also collects produce and stores it in the refrigeration section of the walk-in. We are able to store berries for the coyotes, apples and carrots for the horses, and a huge selection of produce for our parrots. All of the meat and produce would otherwise fill a dumpster and be sent to a landfill. Important to note is that we are saving the environment by bypassing landfills and we are able to feed the highest quality meat at the lowest cost - saving donor dollars that would have gone for meat purchases. The wonderful news is that now NEWARC is enrolled in the LDP, too- thanks to everyone who thought up this extremely helpful program!

Serenity Park - Parrot Sanctuary Memorial Day Barbeque!

As we head fully into Spring – and happy holidays to everyone this month – we are already preparing for our big Memorial Day Barbeque on May 26th at the West Los Angeles VA Hospital from 12 to 4pm. We will also have plenty of veggie burgers and vegetarian food so don’t let the term “barbeque” turn you away. Last Memorial Day we fed 500 veterans – let’s make it even more this year with your support. We thank the volunteers who signed up already to help serve and prepare the food and we can still use more of you! We will be feeding two birds with the same food by having the barbeque at Serenity Park Parrot Sanctuary since everyone can also visit with the parrots and feed them some treats as well.

Serenity Park - Veteran of the Month - Lillian Love

We couldn’t believe our luck when Lilly came to volunteer at the Parrot Sanctuarywhen it first opened in 2005. She had a special way with the parrots…and today…all these years later she still is one of our most reliable and caring volunteers (and employee) who steps in whenever there is a need – like doing a food run, a rush to a vet hospital, or picking up donated bird toys from the generous birdie toy manufacturer, Planet Pleasures.

Lilly also accompanied LARC on our Alaska rescue of 29 wolves/wolfdogs – the first time she was back after serving in the Coast Guard up there. We cannot express our gratitude enough for discovering this person who has it all – heart, soul, brains, and courage.

LARC Visits Patagonia in Ventura and Reno

In April LARC will do a presentation at the Ventura, CA Patagonia retail store and in May LARC will be at their Reno, NV warehouse for their monthly "Brainfood" talk. In every picture you see of LARC and NEWARC veterans, employees and volunteers you also see them decked out in Patagonia gear from head to toe - because without that cold weather gear LARC and NEWARC would not be able to work in the harsh conditions of New Hampshire and even the mountains of California.

Like we always say...can't do it without you, Patagonia!! For those of you who live in those areas and want to attend the LARC presentations please email us for time, date and location: info@lockwoodarc.org.

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