Mother's of the Earth Day

Both at LARC and NEWARC we feed our rescued carnivores beef and poultry without killing any animals. At LARC we believe all Mother Earths’ Children need to be protected and every being - from a cow to a chicken to a wolf - has a mother.

LARC works with four major grocery store chains and each store freezes the meat weeks prior to expiration, LARC then picks up the frozen meat, sorts through it to make sure it is of the highest quality, places it in our freezer and distributes it to partner rescues and sanctuaries. This not only allows our carnivores (and others) to be fed the highest quality meat but also serves to save our Earth from being over-run with landfills.

Recently, LARC and NEWARC became involved in an overstock program for high quality, grain-free kibble as well. Just like with the frozen meat and poultry, we don’t hesitate to pick up this valuable resource – kibble is mixed in with the wolves’ and wolfdogs’ food to provide essential vitamins and minerals – and getting this donated saves our organization a good deal of money. Just like with the meat program, we share this valuable resource with other rescue groups, animal shelters and SPCAs. These organizations have found our support to be vital to their success.

At LARC and NEWARC we want to celebrate Mothers’ Day with all of our supporters and we challenge each and every one of you to find a creative solution to help protect the Moms of the Earth. If you have any creative solutions for us to incorporate at either one of our sanctuaries please let us know. We love giving back to Mother Earth and all the animals that call her home.

LARC’s Newest Arrival… Kimi

Kimi is an amazing animal who was lucky to have a benefactor who helped to rescue her from a zoo and gave her all the medical attention in the world – including reversing her blindness! However, like most wolfdogs being in a home environment did not quitye work – as evidenced by the little sign her caregiver made below after Kimi had some ”wolfie fun” with the lawn furniture. Kimi is safe now at LARC and being the super curious young girl that she is she loves to spend the afternoons following the golf cart as we feed all the residents at LARC.

Kimi will slowly be introduced to Nikki - a recently rescued male who has the biggest heart. LARC was told she would like women the best but Kimi has fallen in love with every male caregiver at LARC. This past weekend both Chris and Jesse (two recently returned veterans photographed below with Thunder) worked on basic commands with Kimi and she did very well in her training session.

Thunder - Getting his 'Groom On'


Thunder's grooming and cheetah spots are courtesy of Summer at So Cal Grooming (all food grade washable dyes).

Summer is amazing with all our rescues and does a great job working with wolfdogs from LARC.

So far Kona, Wiley, Thunder, and Tigger have gotten the spa treatment at So Cal Grooming.”


LARC's Summer Wish List Item

With the California drought upon us it is important to keep “trimming” all the weeds and brush around LARC… Sears has its industrial weed whacker on sale for only $379.99!

Although it might seem like a “luxury item” LARC actually must prepare for the summer fire season and we are required by the Forest Service to trim back all weeds by June 15th – please help!!!

This is the most important item we need this season. If you know someone who is willing to sell or loan theirs please let us know that, too! --We got a lot of weeds needs a'whacking!


Upcoming Vaccination Request

LARC and NEWARC will be vaccinating all the animals in our care (again) in 2015. The normal funding channel for vaccines has decided not to fund this year’s vaccination request so we are asking you our supporters to help out.


WAO Rescue Anniversary

It was almost 4 years ago when LARC went to Texas to rescue 3 wolfdogs from a failing sanctuary known as the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO). Shiloh, Maggabee, and Lucien madethe transition and Shiloh has branched out and met a new man in her life - Spirit (rescued by our great friends from the Nichols Canyon Homeowners Association near Hollywood,CA).

In honor of their 4th year at LARC we ask our supporters to help with summer preparations for these elderstatesmen – now all approaching “elderly” status.

LARC plans to add lean-tos in both enclosures and larger low- side water troughs to cool down the residents.

Patagonia and Kihei


This year’s visit to Patagonia in Reno ,Nevada was a huge success.

As always Patagonia has chosen to outfit our staff and volunteers at both LARC and NEWAR.

Wiley, Kihei, Jim, and Matthew made the trip to Reno this year and met some of the new staff at Patagonia.

Kihei had a great time meeting the employees of Patagonia and, even more than that, running in the stream right outside their office.

LARC plans on making a follow up trip to Patagonia in Ventura this summer so keep posted if you would like to see us there.


Like we always say :) ...

NBC’s local “Today” Show with Anchor Whit Johnson Highlights the “Warriors and Wolves” program at LARC

Whit Johnson (far right in photo above) and the crew of NBC wanted to see how heroes heal after the war and came out to LARC to meet Dr. Lindner, Matthew and some of the Veterans enrolled in the “Warriors and Wolves” program.

It didn’t take long for Tommy Bravo, the man behind the camera and a Veteran himself (pictured above), to feel the impact of the program. As one of our supporters you can catch the full video piece on NBC 4 (May 24th at 11pm, May 25th from 5-6am, and again at 12noon). Check your local listing…

Drew and Kona in Basic Training

Drew seen here at LARC working with Kona on basic training will be arriving at NEWARC soon to support our efforts on the East Coast. Drew came to LARC through a local college where he was earning a degree in animal behavior and training.

Drew brings his sweet country boy ways to animal handling and his soft touch and connection with the animals does not go unnoticed. Drew will be a huge asset in New Hampshire and we plan to support him throughout the process.



The grass is starting to get overgrown at NEWARC as well as at LARC. We would love to have a similar weed whacker / trimmer in New Hampshire to keep the bugs and tics down. Please consider a double whammy (of the positive kind) by helping with the purchase of that weed trimmer for NEWARC as well!




Thanks to Fronteering NEWARC has had some great volunteers from overseas.

The Volunteers get an opportunity to work with the animals and NEWARC gets a chance to interview for a full-time caregiver


Lots of love in the air at Serenity Park and we are not just referring to the birds and the bees now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer.

We are also talking about Liz and Lilly and their great love affair with all the birds at the Parrot Sanctuary. No one knows those birds better than these two kind and gentle souls…Liz donated her birds to the sanctuary two years ago and is one of those doting Mothers that we love…coming by to visit her “babies” as often as she can, and always bringing treats and spending time with the other birds, too.

For those of you planning on attending the annual Memorial Day BBQ and Picnic that Serenity Park puts on every year – this year the Veterans Administration decided that the annual Picnic (May 25th this year) will NOT be held at Serenity Park.

We were told that our annual picnic to feed homeless Veterans on the grounds of the VA can not happen this year because of a conflict with other organizations holding other events. Stay tuned as we hope to have a picnic event for homeless veterans at the end of the year.


Serenity Park takes in parrots who have not had the best care like wonderful volunteer Liz’ birds. But they get the best care now…and they are very receptive to their loving caregivers.

Molly's Maneuvers

Trying to get visitors to come say hello, Molly (above) tries every trick in the book, including coming to eye level to see if she can get a scritch. Parrots are super-intelligent beings, equivalent to dolphins and other mamals…so please do not underestimate their small brain sizes :)

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