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Jason and Forrest (pictured above) recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan/Iraq visit with Harmony at LARC. Both Warriors appreciate what they get in return from interacting with the Wolves.

Wiley on the Run

Wiley (above) after a long day in LA working with the Veterans at the VA Hospital comes streaking up the driveway to be with Matthew – his soul mate on 2 legs. Matthew rescued Wiley from the euthanasia table at the Kern County Shelter and Wiley has never forgotten it. (Wolfdogs are typically euthanized within 24 hours of relinquishment to an animal shelter unless there is a recognized sanctuary to take them)

Willow (above) walks along the hillside on a sunny afternoon at LARC. Willow was rescued from Reno, Nevada . She is definitly the “boss” and seems to have the whole dominatnt female wolf persona down pat. Willow loves bones and bone days are definitly her favorite at LARC. Thanks to supporter Tracy she had a great Saturday with extra tasty bones.
Sera Sera (loosely translated “what will be will be”) came to LARC through Dr. Conrad and the Paw Project (www.pawproject.org) although a champion for cats Dr. Conrad is an all-around animal lover at heart and immediately assisted with and helped to fund his surgery in both back legs due to malnutrition. Sera now roams one of the biggest enclosures (over 3 acres) at LARC and is the alpha-male of his pack.

Virgil and the 'Stop the Breeding and Buying of Wolfdogs' Campaign

Vigil, (left) at only 11 months old, is already the court jester at LARC always making funny faces and quick to start trouble….a gentle but highly curious soul.

Wolfdogs are being relinquished younger all the time because of the difficulties people face after they buy them – thinking they are getting the “coolest new pet” they soon learn that these animals DO NOT make good pets – especially in a home environment.

Stop the Breeding and Buying of Wolfdogs Campaign

Please help us discourage people from buying these animals through a nationwide campaign we are beginning. We will need to print out flyers and brochures and get the word out all over the country. At the same time we are working with Animal Shelters to keep wolfdogs longer before euthanizing them so we can get the woofers picked up by the various wolf and wolfdog rescue groups we work with around the country.

Your $25. helps us launch 'Stop the Breeding and Buying of Wolfdogs' Campaign!


Surveying Lockwood

Our surveyor Mike, (above) checks out the ridge on the LARC property. LARC is in need of fencing matreials and poles for the perimter fence.


Blade (below), post surgery, in his enclosue being reunited with Sitka. The pre-op photos were not pretty as Blade’s microchip migrated and caused an infection above his left shoulder. He is healing beautifully thanks to the miraculaous hands of Gary Latos, DVM.

Poor Polaris...

LARC’s 2006 Polaris has finally died after thousands of hours of service transporting food and supplies throughout the facility at LARC - it is time for a new purchase.

We hope one of our newsletter readers and supporters has a contact at Polaris or Kawasaki. Please contact us if you do!

Of course any donation towards this indispensable purchase are heartily accepted as we must say -we are desperately in need to replace this key piece of equipment!

We're in such need of a new ATV we're accepting any amount, no minimum!


NEAVS Board members, pictured above (with staff from our Staff Retreat in blue)

Tie Dye is growing up FAST and Healthy with the help of NEAVS. The above picture was taken at her one year birthday – where does the time fly! NEAVS has a new campaign that is very close to LARC’s heart…please visit them at: www.neavs.org




Nikki, the newest arrival at NEWARC, checks out her new enclosure at her forever home.

Nikki was an wolfdog illegally brought into the State of New Hampshire where it is illegal to own them – something we would like to see every State make happen.

NEWARC was contacted by the New Hampshire Upper Valley Humane Society (NHUVHS) regarding providing Nikki permanent placement at NEWARC - she is HOME.


Tree Trimming / Brush Clearing Volunteers

NEWARC needs help clearing brush and trimming trees back from enclosures. Please email pack@newarc.org to find out the details. We need volunteers with chainsaws, tree trimming gear, lawn mowers, and a chipper.

All Volunteers who previously inquired about volunteer opportunities at NEWARC are invited to attend the First NEWARC Volunteer Orientation and Training on Saturday July 19th from 9am at the site in Chatham, NH.

If you email we will send you the directions. Please note: There is no direct contact with the animals during volunteer days.




Justin with Cochise and Spruce in Their New Enclosure.

Cochise and Spruce’s new double home with an outdoor porch.

Volunteer extraordinaire, Hans, wanted to be sure these two lovebirds not only had a double doggie house but that they also got their covered porch just in time for the the dog days of summer.


Cashew with Dr. Attila Molnar (both pictured on the right) who did foot saving micro-surgery. If you're in need of a caring, compassionate and brilliant vet with miracle hands --he's your man! He's located at

All Animals Veterinary

23815 Ventura Blvd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
818-600-1VET (1838)


We are so fortunate to have such an amazing surgeon available to our animals!

Thanks to John Williams took most of the incredible photos for this e-newsletter!

Here is Spike, (above) who along with his mate Zooey, are the latest arrivals at Serenity Park Parrot Sanctuary. Extremely human-oriented – and well-socialized by their former owners –these two were dancing up a storm at the picnic (pictured below) we had on Memorial Day – where we served an estimated 1400 veterans a meal they will not soon forget!

Our volunteers were amazing as we worked non-stop to make sure everyone got fed – and got seconds and thirds! A huge thank you to everyone who helped out that day and cooked or served all of those veterans…or helped with gift boxes, buying supplies, and running to the store to pick up more items as more and more veterans kept lining up. Put it on your calendar for next year – it’s one of those events that make you feel good as you do good.


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