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Winter is coming to the pack at LARC. Their coats are filling out, their appetites are growing, and the dens in their living habitats are abandoned for cool September nights. As we prepare for winter to care for the animals; water pipes must be insulated, wolf houses filled with hay, and new elevated feed stations need to be installed. With your support all of this is possible. Thanks for supporting/sponsoring the wolves and wolfdogs of LARC.

Photographer Jennifer Maharry visited LARC to take photos for her Nature LA "Canids" exhibit on Nov 8, 2014 in Venice, CA. Please join us to celebrate at the Grand Opening of this exhibit featuring the LARC wolves and wolfdogs. Wiley (pictured below) will be at least one of our wolf ambassadors at the event. Please come out and show your support and have a great evening with the woofers. This wonderful gallery supports many causes and the proceeds from this exhibition will go to support the animals of LARC.


WHEN: Sat. Nov. 8th 6:30-9:00pm
WHERE: G2 Gallery - 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

PLEASE RSVP to: www.G2GALLERY.com. $10 admission at the door. Free valet parking, hors d'ouvres, wine and raffle ticket.

Danny Boy rests in the shade of his outdoor habitat at LARC the days of living on a chain in Alaska are far behind him. Danny Boy is the court jester of LARC always looking to make an impression by nipping at the heels of his life partner or dancing around in his enclosure. Danny Boy rarely joins in on a howl but rather waits for it to end and puts his two cents in at the end. He always has the last (laugh) howl.

Break Time

Dante walks up to Dr. Lindner for a muzzle hug on a sunny afternoon at LARC. Dante was rescued from a Premarin Factory Farm and is supported by NEAVS at LARC. This beautiful loving animal was of no use to the factory farm so instead he was put in a dumpster outback. Thanks to the amazing efforts of LARC and supporters like NEAVS, Dante has a home, a hug, and all the hay he could wish for…

Wiley (above) inspects the last of the perimeter fence before each post was set and all the cables in place. This months-long project is DONE! LARC now has a perimeter fence around the sanctuary, an additional security gate, double security, and security entrances for each enclosure. This could never have been completed without the support of our donors, the dedication of our volunteers, and the tireless efforts of our staff. Thanks for making LARC’s perimeter fence a priority.

Opposites Attract!

They say opposites attract… and at LARC Sera Sera (Artic wolf) and Cloud (black wolfdog) are living proof of that. Not only are they visually opposites but their behavior with people is completely the opposite as well. Cloud loves new caregivers and is eager for belly rubs and attention. Sera Sera thinks all new caregivers are his dentist and insists on greeting them with a “smile.” In their habitat they spend the day in and out of water tubs, chasing each other through the trees, and when exhausted sun bathing together. They are a pair unlike any other.

Huey (can you see him above, in the back?) and Sheba take a long overdue Saturday nap…on this particular wolfdog day afternoon. Notice the den near the tree that the three of them built. Vigil perks up for the photo – knowing what a cutie he is.

Willow (white wolf) is one dominant female and when she thinks her partner is not listening she grabs him and gets his attention. Willow loves to climb on top of her wolf house and spend most of the afternoon in her 200 gallon water tub. So much so that we believe she fancies herself a wolf-fish and that would be a true hybrid  So just to clarify, a hybrid is a cross between two different species therefore since both a wolf and dog are the same genus and species they are NOT a hybrid but rather a wolfdog.

Samson and Harmony are caught in a gentle embrace in this photo. Both were rescued from chains in Alaska as part of a roadside attraction. Samson was so wary of people it took longer than usual to give him the touch and caresses he has so desperately wanted. Samson is still taken aback by new people but has come to trust and love Dr. Lindner with whom he has his only human bond (for now…he has been sidling up to others more frequently these days).


Juliet stops for a profile shot at NEWARC. Juliet loves the thick grasses that seem to sprout up overnight at NEWARC. Keeping tics and fleas to a minimum at NEWARC has been a major challenge and our supporters have helped us with alternative solutions to the use of chemicals which can cause problems to the animals and the environment.

Creek poses for a cameo shot after this year vaccinations at NEWARC. We want to thank all of our donors and supporters who helped to fund this year’s round of vaccines for all of the animals at NEWARC. If you would like to support the medical vaccinations or ongoing treatment of the older animals at NEWARC please click on the Donate link below. Cochise, a definite favorite, both by the staff and supporters lays down in his new enclosure at NEWARC.

Alex rests under a tree at NEWARC. Alex was rescued from a remote mountain top in New Hampshire in late 2013 and since coming to NEWARC he is one of the staff’s favorite. Alex, a wolf dog enjoys the large outdoor habitat with his packmates and perhaps even more his afternoon walks on a leash with our staff.

NEWARC has another tough winter approaching. Our staff has been expanding and we are proud to welcome a new animal caregiver to the pack. We are asking for donations to support the installation of a new insulated cabin (pictured). If you or the company you work for would like to help with this purchase please contact wolf@newarc.org. A donation button is linked below as well. NEWARC wants to keep the staff warm and dry as they care for our pack this winter.


Cochise (left) “paws up” for winter support!

Please click on the link below to donate to any of these winter items. Winter is coming to NEWARC and its time to get ready for the cold.

Our wish list items for the winter are tons of hay, 4 insulated hoses and 24 rubber waste buckets:


The parrots of Serenity Park pose for a few photos in September while being visited by one of their biggest supporters, Nancy Burnet and Bob Barker. Parrots, the third most popular companion animal live over 50 years and are rehomed and kept in small cages for most of their lives (small is anything less than the ability to fly). At Serenity Park our huge outdoor aviaries having living trees and forage trays for foraging opportunities – crucial for the psychological well-being of parrots. The parrots are cared for by our staff of three and quite a few dedicated volunteers. Please help support the parrots by making a donation to Serenity Park. .

Maggie enjoys a spoonful of cous cous, peas, and corn during an afternoon snack with one of her Veteran caregivers. You can tell by the size of her pupil that this is a great snack!

Here are some links to various places Serenity Park has been in recent years – please check these out and let us know what you think at bird@parrotcare.org:

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