Home Depot Helps!

It’s not often that when shopping in a Home Depot for winter supplies that the manager assists you with your purchase and then says “We (Home Depot) want to help you get ready for the winter”. Bradley Bousqet, the Home Depot Manager, took me aside and said “let’s build Veteran housing together”. The next thing I knew we were at the pro-desk picking out options on a huge outdoor shed. Bradley then said you will need power in that shed, you will need insulation in that shed, and you will need drywall in there as well. We then walked around the store writing down sku-numbers and checking off everything on the list. The Veteran Housing project had grown to be a huge purchase. Bradley then guided me through the steps of signing up for a Veteran grant and connected me with both the local Home Depot office and the one in Atlanta.

Within three weeks the Home Depot gift cards arrived and our staff at NEWARC went to the pro desk and finalized the Veteran Housing order. New England winters are tough and even with a few rescheduling’s and Bradley’s help of course the Veteran Housing project has been completed. NEWARC wants to Thanks all of the staff at Home Depot for their help and support throughout all of the winter months in New Hampshire.

ASPCA Grants $50,000 to Help Lockwood Animal Rescue Center!

Chatham, N.H. The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) has provided Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) with a $50,000 grant to shelter 25 wolf hybrids (also known as wolf-dogs) rescued earlier this month by LARC and Upper Valley Humane Society. The wolf-dogs were rescued from Dancing Brooke Wolf Lodge, a sub-standard so-called sanctuary in Bristol, N.H. after the owners were evicted from the property. No arrests have been made to date. READ ARTICLE

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries: 80+ Wolves Rescued and Brought to Safety

In response to the increasing concern for the welfare of more than 100 wolves and wolf-hybrids held in two separate rescue facilities in New Hampshire, GFAS reached out to Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC). LARC, an animal sanctuary based in California, was asked to assess the conditions at the two failing facilities. In August, GFAS brought LARC co-founders, Matthew Simmons and Lorin Lindner, Ph.D., to New Hampshire to help save the lives of close to 100 wolves and wolf-hybrids at both the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge (Loki) and the Dancing Brooke Wolf Lodge (Dancing Brooke). About a year ago, GFAS worked to help Loki put in place a new board and write a strategic plan through a consultant; however not all recommendations were followed. Things went well for a while, but in August the board reached out to GFAS again for help. GFAS suggested that perhaps a friendly takeover by another nonprofit might be the answer. READ ARTICLE