Alex, one of the recently rescued high-content wolfdogs, was a major part of the creation of NEWARC.

Alex was abused and abandoned and was part of the recent rescue of 26 wolves and wolfdogs from a remote mountain site in New Hampshire by the staff of LARC in October of 2013.

Alex’s spine had suffered trauma. After watching his curious behavior and unwillingness to jump, the staff surmised that he had been struck repeatedly in the middle of his back with a blunt object.

After a re-alignment by our Veterinarian, his amicable behavior came shining through.

Alex is a favorite of our staff. He loves playing in the snow, hiding his evening meal, and taking late night walks with the staff around the sanctuary to meet the other wolves and wolfdogs.

A true ambassador, Alex gets along with almost all of the residents and especially enjoys his visits with Max up the hill.