Chaka greets the NEWARC staff at the corner of his pen every morning and is always vying for their attention.  He’s always trying to “one-up” his pen-mate Tala. He slaps his feet in the snow for attention and if Tala tries to move in, he’ll pat her with his feet.  He also loves chewing on his bone all day but would give it up in a second for one-on-one attention for the afternoon.  Chaka was standoffish when the new staff arrived, but now he is one of the more outgoing residents at NEWARC.

He has also decided that no matter how cold it gets in New Hampshire, he will continue to stick his feet in the stainless steel water bowls in his habitat.

Chaka is a talker and loves to announce to the pack when it is time to eat.  He has a low long howl that echoes at the base of the White Mountains.