Lakomi, a great climber and a curious girl, who loves to trot the perimeter and is always playing with her food at dinner time.  Lakomi we think through approximation gained some of Phoenix’s howl.  By living next door to one another for year Lakomi can imitate a coyote howl.  Lakomi’s yellow eyes, fur filled ears, long legs, and bushy tail that does not touch the ground all points to recent wolf heritage (i.e. wolf or high content wolfdog).  When you couple that with her behavior you have all the components necessary to phenotype her as a wolf.


Lakomi is very playful and is enjoying the recent snowfall at NEWARC.  Lakomi lays still in the snow, allowing the falling snow flakes camouflage her back, and then she quickly rises, shakes off the flakes, and trots along the perimeter for a habitat check.  Lakomi is slightly hidden in her habitat but always observant to the goings on of the sanctuary.