Spruce is a Low-content wolfdog and in this photo we can see some of her dog traits. Spruce has a speckled coloring inside her mouth, a blue colored eye, and a short muzzle. In the opposing photo you can see the upturned tail and short legs. These are all “doggie” traits that demonstrate low or little wolf content in Spruce.
Spruce is social resident and would much rather have a head rub than a steak dinner. Spruce is playful and loves to rough house with Cochese.

In the picture below Spruce gets some attention while Cochese sits down for a rub with Frank, one of the amazing volunteers, who made this rescue possible.

Spruce loves head rubs more than anything I guess that’s the one spot that is tough to scratch. Spruce loves living with Cochese in their habitat and they play throughout the day together at NEWARC.